Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Paneer Butter Masala

Panner Butter masala is great recipe which it can be accompanied with rotis,parathas,pulao and even with appam too.. Today i post easy way of making panner butte masala without using tomato paste tins.. Try this and comments me back..

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Nellikai sadam | How to make Gooseberry rice , Rice Recipes

Gooseberry has lot of benefits.A single gooseberry contains 20 times more vitamin C than that of an orange. It helps to prevent cold and cough if included in our diet regularly. It also helps to remove toxins from our body. It's the only fruit that has six tastes. Add regularly in you diet ,it never lose the vitamins when u cooked. Try the simple and easy but very healthy rice. It quite same like lemon rice with good taste.. As we can pack it for lunch or you can do with left over rice...

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Masala Kozhukattai | Spicy Rice Balls

Masala kozhukattai is another version of neer kozhukattai. Its a perfect breakfast recipe for kids. Do and try for your kids when they come back hungry from school, they will enjoy for sure!  My mom use pepper-cumin powder for masala. I tried this kozhukattai with my own masala Try it ... comment me back

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Rava Kesari

Wishing you all a happy Mahavir Jayanthi!! Rava Kesari is quickly made sweet when you have surprise guest.. My in law is expert in this dish. I just remembering that, when i am in childhood days i went to my in laws house(she is my relative) for first time, she made it for us... its so delicious..and mouth watering..

Puran Poli

This is my first post for the blog .When I  started cooking independently after marriage...I want to try new recipes every time...My kid favourite is the first one to post.. Great to remember this post...And welcome you all for further posts. Leave some comments which is highly appreciated for me...

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Taste is a medicine...

Tongue is a doctor, Taste is a medicine

               Tastes are a very important medicine needed for our health. which taste your tongue will ask ,eat the taste..Prepare food with all tastes such as sweet, salt, sour, spicy, etc. in moderate quantity. we have to add tastes according to our tongue’s demand. Taste which is deficient to our body, the tongue ask for it... if u have diabetics or BP anything else don't avoid sweet and salt completely, sometimes tongue ask for it eat it...tongue is a best doctor. Hear what the tongue says not other doc.


Eat the six tastes...If u miss any of the six taste eat Indian gooseberry it contains six tastes(arusuvai in Tamil).Eat gooseberry a day keep doctor away...So eat tasty and healthy...


Eating tips 

  • Eat food if u r hungry..
  • Eat the food by grinding into a paste by using the teeth..
  • Close the mouth while chewing..don't allow the air inside while grinding.. Don't drink water before, in between or after eating...
  • Drink water 1/2 hour before and after eating.. it helps the food to digest...
  • Don't look at the TV or talk to anybody while eating...
  • Concentrate on the food while eating...

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