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 Welcome to PavisPassion...

Let me introduce myself, I am Pavithra Manoj , author of this blog. My hubby Mr. Manoj and me are the photographer of my blog. I am still a learner but having some Passion and  enthusiasm in cooking and also have interest in Food Photograpy.

Born in Tamil Nadu, south part of India but presently living in United Arab Emirates since 2007 after my marriage ..My cooking is mainly based on South Indian Recipes and loves North Indian also. 

I have done my Master Degree in Computer Application and I got married with Mr.Manoj and blessed with two kids Rishabh and Roshan.

Before marriage I know very little about cooking and use to assist(rarely :) ) my mom to an extent. Use to Try some new recipes with my friends when we are alone. My Mom wrote lot of recipes nearly 500 I think,..in book and she gave to me to try when I got married. But I haven't try anything before..

My hubby is great food lover!! love to taste lot of varieties..(bcoz My mother-in law is great cook too), I start to try new recipes every time from Internet and also from my mom's cook book.

He encourages me and corrected me every time. This makes me to put more interest on cooking. Also some of my friends shows interest when I try new recipes and appreciated me everytime. And my mother in law used to try some healthy recipes and share it to me everytime. So I will concentrate more on cooking.  The credit goes to my mom, and my hubby who initiated me to try new recipes.  In order to share my recipes with you all I want to make something...On that time My hubby gave this great idea to make a blog to bring my passion possible,then I created www.pavispassion.com. I have a courage to share my recipes because I have great cooks behind me My Grandma, My Mom and My in-law. And my husband who takes photograph which adding gears to move. And My dad who helps me to do work on Photoshop and he helps to make corrections every time. 

I posted all the recipes which i learned from My Grandma, My mom, and My Mother-in law and post new stuffs also...Not only recipes i also posted some health benifits of Spices, Vegetables and Fruits, in order to know about what we eat. My father-in-law helped me to make it possible. This blog is made done  by all my family support. 

Hope you will enjoy my recipes too..

Feel free to comments and ask questions if any...

Email Me : pavimanoj@gmail.com

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