Sunday, 8 May 2016

Kothamalli thokku | Coriander Thokku | Coriander Pickle Recipe

   Kothumalli Thokku/Coriander Pickle is tangy thokku goes well with idly, dosa, lemon rice, curd rice and even tastes divine with hot plain rice. This thokku is made when we have use this for long time.  

    Frequently I will do this recipe but I didn't share it for long time. My hubby used to buy some organic vegetables and leaves every time. He bought a bunch of fresh Coriander leaves for this time. It tempts me to do coriander thokku. You can keep this thokku for more than a week in refrigerator.

   You can pack this thokku when you travel. It goes well with lemon rice and idly so you can pack it along with it. Working ladies can made this recipe in weekend, store it and can use it for the entire week. Hope this tangy and spicy thokku recipe will be useful for all of you.

How to Make Coriander Pickle/Thokku Recipe

Ingredients Required


1. Wash ,clean and remove the thick stems from the coriander leaves(you can use the thin stems). Keep it dry in a cloth or a paper. Heat a tsp of oil in a kadai and fry Red chilies and Tamarind for a while. Remove it from kadai. Add this to a mixer grinder along with salt.

2. Add the jaggery(optional) and coriander leaves along with and grind into a smooth paste. Heat a ladle full of sesame oil into it.

3. Temper the mustard seeds and hing in it. Then, add the coriander paste into it. Bring it to boil this mixture in the oil, until the oil floats out from it. This is the consistency of thokku. The thokku is ready to use. 

Kothamalli thokku is ready to use. Have this thokku with hot idlis and  Dosas.

Note :

1. If you want to keep this thokku for more than a week outside, more oil is required. You should boil another ladle full of sesame oil and pour over the thokku. And make sure that the oil will floats top i.e it floats on the top. And keep this in a Airtight bottle. 

2. If the thokku is not boiled property it will spoils early. so make sure that the thokku is boiled in the oil properly.

3. Jaggery mentioned above is to keep balance the taste of spicy and tangy. It will makes thokku perfect. If you don`t want you can leave that. 

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