Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Dry Jamun | Dry Gulab Jamun Recipe

Dry Gulab Jamun is a dry version of Gulab Jamun recipe. This dry version of sweet gives more self life as compared to normal jamun. This can be made as similar as normal jamun and the last part is to roll out those jamun in  fine sugar. 

Whenever I tastes dry jamun , I remember those child hood days where I got an excellent dry jamuns from Murari sweets, Kumbakonam. I will fell for that exoctic dry Jamuns. Still now I get the Jamuns as with same taste from there. 
I am in finding with curiosity and trying these jamuns every time using bread or from Jamun mix. I want to post the actual recipe of it. Finally I got this from a Magazine, Now  I want to share this recipe with you all. Hope You too love this recipe. Happy Diwali to all!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Beetroot Burfi | Beetroot Coconut Burfi | Easy Burfi Recipe

Beetroot Burfi is easy burfi recipe made with freshly grated beetroot and coconut. It is a healthy sweet choice for your sweet carving.

As far as Beetroot is a dark red vegetable with a sweet taste that has been linked with better stamina, improved blood flow and lower blood pressure.

I am in search of a healthy sweet recipe for kids during this Diwali time. This Burfi will be my best choice to try. It tastes like coconut burfi with slight difference that is juicy taste of beetroot. 

Happy to share this recipe with you all. Hope this will be the best sweet carving recipe for Diwali time.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Chana Pulao | Kondaikadalai Satham | Chana Pulao using coconut milk

    Chana Pulao is a fragrant pulao made with cooked chick peas along with coconut milk. It can be made with freshly ground masalas . I often do this pulao whenever I have guests at home. This is quite different and healthy meal for perfect sunday. 

      Black chana\chick peas, it is low in fat, high in fiber and rich in vitamins and minerals. It benefits were awesome, it reduces weight, lowers cholesterol, stabilizes blood sugar level,prevents cancer, prevents diabetic, and prevents anemia. 

     So many health benefits are there. Adding 2 to 3 spoons of chick peas daily will gives you daily proteins needed. You can replace white chick peas instead of black one. Hope you have a new variety of  pulao to surprise you guests. Try and leaves your valuable comments 

Monday, 6 June 2016

Methi Moong dhal Masala | Green Gram Masala | Simple Vendaya Keerai Moong dhal Masala

Methi Moong dhal masala is a simple highly nutritious side dish accompanied with chapati, roti or simply plain rice. Adding methi leaves will add iron and calcium. This will give you a complete pack of nutrients for daily need.

 Moong dhal have lot of benefits such as it nourishing and exfoliating skin. It helps you to loss weight, to control blood pressure, protects from skin cancer.

Using the green gram often in you diet makes you younger and healthier all time. Enjoy this tasty and healthy masala and hope this will be useful post for you..

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Marie Biscuit Chocolate Balls | Dates Stuffed Chocolate Recipe | 10 min Easy Chocolate Recipe

       Easy Home made Chocolates can be done using just four simple ingredients Marie biscuits, Coco powder, Condensed milk and butter. This recipe is awesome in taste and it can be done in 10 mins. 

     My kids are very addictive in chocolates (even me too) but I am very much fear on the store bought chocolates due to artificial flavors and colors. So I stopped and started doing homemade chocolate. I got this easy recipe from a cookery show. It was awesome just 4 ingredients which everything available at home.

       I can made a batch of chocolates whenever my kids have more carving on chocolates.  And I added some extra taste by adding dates and made it will be more tasty than normal one. This chocolate is healthy and tasty  you can make it anytime. Hope this post is very useful for you. Please share and leave you valuable comments. 

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Kollu Thuvaiyal | Horse Gram Chutney | Weight loss Recipe

        Horse Gram Chutney / Kollu thuvaiyal is a healthy diet chutney can be served for porridge, idly, dosa and is best accompaniment with hot rasam too. 

       Kollu have a lot of medicinal benefits use to treat for weight loss, sore throat, cold cough and to treat heart disease as I mentioned before in a Kollu idly post . 

       Most of them, who looking for weight loss recipe can include horse gram in your diet almost daily. It will reduce your extra fat slowly you get reduced in natural way. This chutney will help you to include kollu more often in you diet.
      Hope you will love the post. Try and dont forgot to give your feedback. Please share the post and leave your valuable comments.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Agar Agar Pudding | Rose Pudding | Refreshing Summer Time Recipe

    Agar Agar/China Grass is a type of grass used for making pudding, refreshing drinks and vegetarian Jelly. It a summer time refreshing pudding  used to reduce the body heat.

       It have lots of medical benefits such as used to treat diabetics, constipation and also used for weight loss. This grass can be used for use of medicinal purposes. 

     I have already shared a Vegan Jelly recipe using this Agar Agar china grass. Now I am sharing this classic pudding recipe will made you feel refreshed during this Hot summer. Make for your children they love them very much and it will be very healthy for them. 

      You can make this Rose pudding for Party Starters. You can make it very easily and present this pudding in any shape as you desire. Hope This post will be best summer time refreshing for you.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Kothamalli thokku | Coriander Thokku | Coriander Pickle Recipe

   Kothumalli Thokku/Coriander Pickle is tangy thokku goes well with idly, dosa, lemon rice, curd rice and even tastes divine with hot plain rice. This thokku is made when we have use this for long time.  

    Frequently I will do this recipe but I didn't share it for long time. My hubby used to buy some organic vegetables and leaves every time. He bought a bunch of fresh Coriander leaves for this time. It tempts me to do coriander thokku. You can keep this thokku for more than a week in refrigerator.

   You can pack this thokku when you travel. It goes well with lemon rice and idly so you can pack it along with it. Working ladies can made this recipe in weekend, store it and can use it for the entire week. Hope this tangy and spicy thokku recipe will be useful for all of you.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Tawa Pulao | Easy And Quick Pulao From Left over Rice | Mumbai Street Food Recipe

Tawa Pulao is a quick treat for those who loves pulao, and it is one of pulao which is the very popular in Mumbai street foods. It is a Spicy, flavourful and mouth watering pulao which can be made easily under 15 minutes. 

When I saw this Tawa Pulao recipe for  the very first time in a cookery show. It tempts me on the day one itself. I have tried so many times with different masalas which is avaiable at hand. But it tastes awesome only with the flavor of Pav bhaji Masala.  So Pav bhaji Masala is the main ingredient for this pulao. 
You can make this masala at home or you can get this masala from all Indian grocery store. Soon I will share this Pav bhaji masala recipe with you.
Try this easy, aromatic and spicy pulao, Hope it will satisfy your carving on pulaos. You can pack this for kids lunch box along with any raitha of your choice. 

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Varagu arisi Upma | Kodo Millet Upma | Easy Breakfast Recipe | Weight loss Recipe

Varagau arisi upma is a quick upma for breakfast that you can make in a busy morning. Varagu arisi is basically easy digestible millet. It health benifits is to reduction of cancer risks. It contains digestible fiber helps to reduce body weight. It helps to overcome irregular periods in women. It is good for diabetic people.

Varagu arisi is called as Kodo millet in english, Kodra in Hindi, Arikelu in Telugu, Koovaragu in Malayalam, Harka in Kannada. 

For those who looking for a easiest recipe using Varagu arisi will go for this upma. This upma can be done in 15 mins. You can do this recipe quickly at any time. And it tastes similar to normal broken rice upma( Arisi upma). It is best combo with any Sambar or Karakulambu. 

Monday, 1 February 2016

Horse Gram Idly | Kollu Idly | Kulthi Idly | Weight loss Recipe

Kick start your day with a healthy breakfast with Horse gram Idly/kollu idly. Why I have chose horse gram? Horse gram/Kollu/Kulthi have lot of health benefits.

Name itself you can understand yes.. it is used to fed horse. So that it have high level of strength and energy.
The main benefits are to treat for
- cold
- sore throat
- kidney stores
- jaundice
- heart disease 

Horse gram/ kollu is mainly used for weight loss. Those who wants to include horse gram in their daily diet will reduce the weight gradually and bring backs to their actual weight.This Idly is softier and tastier as normal idlys. so you can include it in your daily diet.