Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Custard Powder Halwa | Quick Halwa Recipe | Last Minute Diwali Recipe

Custard powder Halwa is the easiest halwa recipe with very few ingredients. If you have custard powder at hand can do it in 15 to 20 mins. And it is easy to do so beginners can try this simple halwa. 

No need to check for consistency it comes perfectly good guaranteed.

Those who is looking for an easiest recipe for diwali can try this so.. It is perfect last minute recipe for diwali. Hope all of u will love this recipe. 

Happy diwali to all ....

How to Make Custard Powder Halwa

Ingredients Required

Time of preparation: 15 to 20 mins
Serving : yield 30 pieces


1. In a thick bottom pan or a non stick tawa, add custard powder , sugar and water and mix well without lumps.. Heat the pan keep it in medium flame, stir with a ladle continuously. In between crush the cashews and pistas. And grease a plate with 1 tsp of ghee to get ready.

2. When it thickens.. add ghee to the mixture and stir well. Stir continuously when it forms like a jelly, add crushed cashews and pistas. Stir until perfectly glossy look. 

3. When it reaches jelly consistency , pour over the greased plate and cut into pieces when it completely cool down. 

Custard Powder Halwa is ready to serve!

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