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Uppu Seedai Recipe | Seedai Recipe | Diwali Snacks

Uppu Seedai is a Traditional Indian snack we used to  during festival time. It is a crispy ball like snack. Kids will like this snack  very much for its taste and also for its shape.

I haven't tried this snack for long time..until one of my friend Anu asked me for the recipe. As her doubt was... how  can we do without busting ? This make me to do trial on Seedai recipe.

 I have noted all the tips for making Seedai without bursting. I followed all the tips and made the seedai without bursting for first time :) yes comes out good without fail...

I want to share this with you.. And hope it will be useful for u to do without fear!

How to make Seedai

Ingredients Required for the Seedai recipe


1. Soak the raw rice in  water for 2 hours.After 2 hrs, drain the water completely and made it to dry in a cotton cloth. 

2. After rice was completely dried , grind into a smooth powder and seive the flour. Then dry roast the flour for a minute to remove the moisture. (do not roast until brown). Then seive the urad dhal powder and roast the same.

3. Take the roasted rice and urad dhal flour in a vessel. Add the other ingredients sesame seeds, hing, salt and ghee into it. Mix well with adding little water at time and made a smooth dough out of it.

4. Made small , small balls out of the dough and keep it  for 15 mins in a dry cotton cloth or newspaper in order to remove the moisture. Then fry the seedai in oil in a batch.(not more at single time..keep youself little far for the first batch in order to check whether it burst or not). Fry all the seedais...

Seedai is ready to much!

Tips for making Seedai without Bursting

1. Roast the rice and urad dhal flour to remove the moisture.

2. After making small balls keep it dry for 15 mins in order to remove moisture.

3. Made the balls very softly and gntly and  not too tighly in will made the seedai to busrt.

4. Home made rice flour give you best result. 

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