Sunday, 2 November 2014

Vegetable biryani | Veg Biryani Using Coconut milk

Vegetable Biryani is healthy delicious rice made with fresh vegetables, various types of spice and rice. Here with, add some coconut milk gives a great taste and aroma.

Are you heard about veg biryani using coconut milk?, have you tasted it? Give a try for this most favourable biryani. My mom used to do biryani only using coconut milk, I never tasted biryani without it. After I got married my MIL also do this same. 

After this, I came to know that biryani can be made in different types. But I fell for only this. Now, I want to share this recipe to you all. Hope you will also like it so.

How to make Vegetable Biryani Using Coconut milk

Ingredients Required

Method In Step wise

1. Soak Basmati rice atleast 1/2 hour. Take coconut milk and chop the mixed vegetables(carrot, beans, potato, peas and cauliflower(not shown) ) of your choice. Then chop onion and tomato,slit the green chilli.

2. Take a Mixer/ Blender add ginger, garlic, fennel seeds and  pudina/mint leaves and grind into a paste. Then heat a pressure cooker/pan, add little oil to it. When it is hot, add bay leaf, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise and saute for a minute.

3. Then add green chillies, onion and saute well, Then add the grounded ginger garlic paste and saute until the raw smell goes. 

4. Add chopped tomato and saute until mushy. Then add all spices chilli powder, turmeric powder and biryani masala and saute for a minute.

5. Then add chopped mixed vegetables and salt and saute well. Then add 1 cup of coconut milk and 1 cup water(1:2, rice: water) and mix well.

6. Drain the water in the soaked rice and add the rice to it. mix well thoroughly and close the lid of cooker. Cook for one whistle in medium flame. 

7. In between, chop the bread into cubes and toast bread into crisp and add this bread after biryani is cooked well. 

Serve hot with any raita !

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