Thursday, 5 June 2014

Bhindi Fry | Okra Fry | Vendakkai Varuval | How to make Lady Finger Fry

Bhindi fry/Lady finger fry is crispy and crunchy snack like recipe. It can be served as a side dish for any kind of Dal like gravy and rice. 

I do rarely fries and try to do for my hubby and my kids they loved a lot.  For sambar rice  we will need some crispy fries, For that i do this Bhindi/Okra fry as a side dish and it's perfectly matched for it.

It will also be a great side dish for Dals and Curd rice. Check it out this easy and crunchy kurkure from Bhindi/lady finger and hope you and your family will love this so.

How to Make Bhindi Fry

Ingredients Required

Number of servings : 2 to 3
Time Of Preparation : 15 to 20 mins

Method of Preparation

1. Clean the Lady finger/Bhindi wipe them with towel in order to remove water. Slice the Bhindi/Lady finger vertically into 4 pieces(long strips). Add the spice powders, Chilli powder, Turmeric powder, Garam masala, Amchur powder, Hing and salt. Mix well with hands in order to blend with lady finger.

2. Then put Gram/besan  flour and mix thoroughly so that it will blend with the lady finger. You can keep it and you can fry when you serve. Heat required oil in a kadi.

3. Deep fry the lady finger until the colour of bhindi changes to golden or it looks crisper. It takes some more minutes to fry so fry until crisp.

Serve as a side dish for sambar!

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