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Pasta Recipe, How to make Pasta , Tomato cheese Pasta | Pasta in Indian style

Pasta is a simple dish and can be done in many combination.This is a simple Tomato Pasta which have some alteration to make it in Indian style .To get out of our regular dish I used to do Pasta.        

Before I was not so familiar with  Pasta until my husband used to travel to Italy and get to know about Italian cuisine. He start making Pasta and it was so good.  My kids also love and enjoy a lot whenever he do. Its was very easy and good for breakfast  or even for dinner.        

Its have little spice when we compare to the typical Italian pasta, I have modified according to Indian cuisine by adding some garlic and onion with little spice too.

Try this simple pasta and am sure you will enjoy .It make your stomach comfortable and can fit to all ages.
Tomato Pasta , How to make Pasta 


Time of Preparation  : 25 min
No of Serving          :  3 nos

Method of Preparation

1. Boil the required amount of water(as per instruction given in your pasta packet), add salt and  1 tsp of olive oil in it. Add the pasta and let them to cook well. Check pasta whether it is cooked or not,if it is cooked the corner of pasta is changed to white. Oily water prevent pasta to stick together . 

2. Drain the pasta in a drainer and mix it with 1/2 tsp of Olive oil and keep it aside. Cut onion and garlic finely. Heat the pan and add 1 tbsp of  add olive oil  in it and saute the onion and garlic until little mushy.

3. After, add tomato paste and saute the paste until raw smell goes if oil needed add olive oil. Then add the chilli / pepper powder and required salt in to it then mix well. Add half cup of water and bring them into boil. When it boil add the chopped coriander leaves(optional) into it

4. When the oil is whooshes out well  stop the stove. Add half of the tomato mixture  into the pasta and mix well

5. Then add the rest of tomato paste and mix well. Add the grated cheese and 1 tsp of oregano seasoning into it and mix well.

Serve Hot with cheese...


I used here the Bow-Tie Pasta for making. You can use any shape of pasta to make this recipe.

I used Mozzarella Cheese here You can use any kind of cheese as you like.

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