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Palak Paneer Recipe - How to make Palak Paneer Recipe , Paneer Recipe

Palak Paneer is a creamy and delicious north Indian dish with a lovely green colour.Its a combination of fresh spinach (Palak) with cottage cheese ( Paneer )  .

Its absolutely taste wonderful with Naan , roti and basmati rice.Its very easy to prepare and kids likes a  lot  specially due to  paneer cubs in it.

Palak has high nutritional facts, its  rich source of omega 3 and contains Vitamin A. Its contain antioxidant and anticancer constituents. Regular Consumption of Palak helps to prevent from anaemia, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and osteoporosis (weakness of bone). So include palak often in your diet. So paneer also have high protein content so you will get almost best in your diet.

I tried and tested this recipe many times , i am sure you will like it too....

How to Make Palak Paneer

Ingredients Required

No Of Servings : 2
Time Of Preparation : 20 mins


1. Heat 1 tsp of oil and fry the Cinnamon , Cardamom, Bay leaf, Pepper, Cloves till brown finally add cumin also when its sputters switch of the flame and transfer it to a mixer or a pestle and make it masala into powder. Wash and clean the palak, remove the stem and chop only the leaves into pieces. Heat the pan with 1 tsp of oil add palak and saute it. don't saute too much.

2. After transfer the sauteed palak to mixer grinder along with green chili and grind it to a smooth paste. Chop the onion and tomato into pieces and get ready.

3. Heat a pan add 2 tsp of oil add the masala which we powdered and saute the powder for a while. add the chopped onion and saute it until little brown. Then add the turmeric and coriander powder and saute them for a minute

4.  Add the chopped tomatoes and saute it well until mushy. Then add the grounded palak paste and salt and saute it well until the raw smell goes.

5. when the oil separated add the milk and bring it to boil, mix well with ladle.

6. Add the Paneer cubes into it and bring it to boil when it reaches the desired gravy consistency, switch off the flame and transfer into a bowl

Serve Hot with Roti , Parathas or even with cooked plain rice.

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