Friday, 21 March 2014

Masala Papad - How to make Masala Papad , Indian Snacks

Masala papad is an easy snack and a good a starter during a dinner. A good evening snacks during a cold and rainy day 

when you need a mouth watering chat.Its very easy to prepare (5 to 8 min) and can be served to all age groups. kids like a lot.

Simply fried papad topped with fresh vegetables like tomato, onion , corridor mixed with right proportion of Indian spices will to create a magical mouthwatering combination .

Try this starter and enjoy with your family and friends .your comments are highly appreciated .



No of serving             : 4 
Time of preparation  : 5 to 8 min

Method : 

1. Chop finely Onion, tomato, Capsicum and Coriander leaves .Add and mix with chilly power , Mango powder and chat masala . Add salt as required and add lemon juice.Mix all together .

2. Fry the papad in oil  and keep it ready.just before serving do the topping on the papad and eat instantly .

Note: Papad will be soggy if you do the  topping and keep it for long time. So just make the topping at the time you serving. 

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