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Capsicum Sambar , How to make capsicum sambar ,Quick Sambar Recipes

Capsicum has lot of medicinal use, it mainly used to treat on stomach problems, such as indigestion, stomach upset, heart burn, diarrhoea and cramps. So including capsicum in diet may treat lot of problems. Lot of recipes are there to do, i will share a healthy and easy recipe which i often i do is this Capsicum Sambar. 

Have you wonder about this... Yes!!  its taste is also amazing... Capsicum have a great smell it blends with the sambar and gives a tastiest sambar. I learned this recipe from my mom. Try this easy way of making sambar and reply me back....


No of Servings : 3
Time of Preparation : 30 mins


1. Chop the vegetables onion, Tomato and Capsicum into small cubes and get ready. Soak Tamarind in 1/2 cup of water. Pressure cook the Toor dhal along with enough water and turmeric powder.

2. Heat a Kadai, add I tbsp of oil and temper the ingredients mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, asafotida and curry leaves. When mustard sputters add onion and saute until little mushy then add tomatoes and saute well.

3. Add the chopped capsicum and saute for 3 minutes dont saute too much. Then add Sambar powder and salt and saute for a minute.

4. Then add enough water(just above the vegetables) and cook vegetables. Then extract the juice from tamarind and add the tamarind juice to it. Boil this mixture until it bubbles out not too much.

5.  Add the cooked and mashed dhal and enough water to it. Boil the sambar in medium flame until it smells well.

Serve Hot with cooked Rice and Poriyal....

Its tempting know!!! try this new recipe and reply me back through comments.. Your comments are highly appreciated me..If you like this... share this recipe with your friends in Facebook, Google+ and Twitter....

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