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How to make Rasam | Instant Rasam recipe , Tomato Rasam , Easy rasam recipe

Rasam is a kind of South Indian Soup,usually taken along with South Indian Meals. Generally is very good for digestion and give good relief from cold.. Instantly preparing Rasam from its ingredient will give very good aroma . Rasam powder will lost the aroma if you keep it for long time . I will share my mom's recipe so that you can do this easily at any time.. Try it and leave  your valuable comments..


1.  Soak Tamarind in 1/2 Cup of water. And extract the juice from it.

2. Take a Mortar or Pestle add pepper,cumin seeds, turmeric powder, asafedita powder, sambar powder, to it and crush it powder then add peeled garlic into it. make these into a coarse paste with pestle.

3. Take a juicy tomato and chop or squeeze them into pieces.

4. Take a bowl add the chopped tomato,coriander leaves tamarind extract and coarse rasam mixture. Mix thoroughly with hands and add required salt and 1 cup of water or enough water to it. In this time you may add 1tbsp of cooked Toor Dal to it. its optional.

5. Mix well and boil it until it bubbles well and stop.

7. Heat 1 tsp of ghee in kadai and add(ingredients given in To Temper column) mustard, cumin and curry leaves and  temper it to the rasam.

8. Rasam is ready to serve with rice or any combo meal.


1. Adding cooked Toor Dal enhancing the taste of rasam.

2. Rasam may not be over boiled it reduces the taste.

3. You dont't have pestle you may use mixer grinder to making coarse powder  using pestle is more tasty than mixer grinder.

3. My grandma make Tempering with ghee she told me that it will give nice aroma and flavour it tempts all to eat.

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