Monday, 6 January 2014

15 min Milk Peda | Doodh Peda

Wishing you all a Happy New Year ..  i just post 'Doodh Peda'  the tastiest sweet to all my viewers... Hope this year bring all of you a great success...
Microwave Milk Peda is one of easiest sweet .. It simillar to Paal kova.It requires very less time, you can make it in just 15 mins...And it tastes awesome.My kids likes a lot,they  enjoy it and fight for the last piece of sweet..Try this easy sweet and leave your valuable comments...I just send this recipe to Foodabulus Fest Event Organised by Simply Tadka


1. Take a microwave safe cooking vessel put butter in it. Microwave for 30 sec..take it out if butter is not melted again u microwave for 30 sec..

2. Add Sweetened Condensed milk to butter and mix well with whisk or ladle. Add Milk Powder to the mixture and mix it without lumps.

3. Microwave this mixture for 1 Min. Take out and stir well.

4. Microwave this mixture for another 1 Min. Take out and add cardamom powder and stir well.

5. Microwave this mixture for 1 Min and take out and stir well.

6. Do this until your mixture leaves it sides or for mine it  requires 6 to 7 Min's is enough.

7. Leave this mixture for a minute so that it easy to handle without burning hands.

8. Grease your hands with little ghee and make desired shape you want or Roll this mixture as roti and cut this as diamond with knife or cut into desired shape using Cookie cutter.

9. Doodh peda/ Milk peda is Ready now.

Note :

1. It stays 3 days  when you keep outside, If refrigerated, it lasts for a week.

2. Choose a low fat or semi- skimmed milk powder so that it may not stick on our teeth.

3. It requires only less time while microwaving i.e. 6 to 7 Minutes. Check right time for your microwave oven.

4. When it not sticking in your hands and it is easy to make shape without crumble that is the right consistency to stop cooking.

5. If it crumbles just mix 2 tsp milk to it and microwave for a minute.

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