Sunday, 9 June 2013

Radish Paratha | Mulangi Paratha

Radish paratha is one of the tastiest paratha. Before me and mother think and tried lot but we worry about the smell of radish. As we know Radish is good we have include this in our food. My neighbour friend told me this easiest way of making radish paratha. its smells good and those who doesn't like the taste of radish will definitely like this paratha. My kid love this and he like to pack this to school for breakfast.Try this easy paratha, sure you will love this..


1. Take a bowl, put wheat flour, salt and enough water and make dough for chapati.

2. Chop  the onion and green chili  into very fine pieces, grate the ginger, garlic and radish using carrot grater.

3. Take a pan, heat the oil in it add chopped onion and green chili and saute for a  minute.

4. Then add the grater ginger, garlic and radish and saute until the water is remove from the radish. Then add coriander powder and garam masala saute well. switch off and let them to cool.

5. Take the chapati dough make equal sized balls as we do for chapati. Roll out into small poori put the radish stuffing inside this and seal the dough and again roll this generously into thin chapatis.

6. Heat the dosa pan toast the chapati both side using butter or oil.

7.Serve hot with curd or pickle or you can pack it in lunch box.
Note: Saute the veggies until the water removed if water is there you can't stuff inside the paratha. If you have more radish at hand, omit onion and add more radish, it tastes awesome. If  you have ginger garlic paste just add 1 tsp and omit step grating of ginger and garlic.

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