Thursday, 13 June 2013

Easy Sambar Satham | Kids Lentil Rice

The Easiest recipe which frequently i use to do is sambar satham. Because my kid and my hubby likes it all time.

when i little bit lazy to do sambar and poriyal separately, i will go for this all in one (veggies,dal and rice) Sambar Satham. When my kids started eating solid food ( above 6 months age)  i start doing this sambar satham daily.

Every day i changed the veggies so the tastes may vary, my kids enjoyed this. When your kid hates some of veggies, no problem... put that veggies and some liked vegetables together and make the sambar satham, definitely they will eat... Easy and healthy one pot cooking saves energy and time. 


1.Wash toor dal and rice and soak together for half on hour.Chop the onion, tomato, and vegetables into bite size pieces. chop ginger and garlic to fine pieces. Soak tamarind in water tand extract the juice
2. Take a cooker or pan add 1tbsp of oil in it. First add mustard,cumin seeds and asafotida one by one and wait to sputter.
3. Then add curry leaves, ginger and garlic and saute for a minute.
4. Add onion saute for a minute, followed by tomato saute until little mushy.
5. Then add all veggies and saute for 2 minutes. Add sambar powder and required salt and saute.
6. At last add 3 cups of water, dal and rice together, add required salt and make a stir. close the lid of the cooker and cook  it for 3 whistles.
7. Open the lid and add 2 tbsp of tamarind juice at last and mix it with laddle.
8. Serve hot with papads.

1. Be careful while using the cooker for more whistles, the rice may burned at bottom.
2. Choose any vegetables of your choice(carrot, beans,bottle gourd, ridge gourd, radish, cauliflower, drumstick, cluster beans etc) anything what you have at hand. if you are using beetroot it changes the rice colour if they like u can use it. Chooseing of potato may decrease the taste of sambar satham..
3.  Adding 2 tbsp of tamarind juice at last increase the taste of rice, if u don't like omit the step and add more tomatos.

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